We’ll Get Your Furnace Working Smoothly Again in Citrus Heights, California

Coming home from a long day to discover your heater not working is frustrating, to say the least. Fortunately, property owners can always rely on Handy Heating and Air for emergency furnace repair in Citrus Heights, although it’s usually better to try and prevent these furnace issues if you can. Still, it’s not always possible to prevent something going wrong with your furnace.

Furnace problems rarely go away on their own, and ignoring them can cause large-scale system breakdowns. In the worst case, you might damage your furnace so much that you need to replace it. So, why let it get that far? 

Handy Heating and Air has the skills and knowledge to identify and address malfunctioning heating systems. We can fix your HVAC system and protect it from future damage. Contact us today to discuss furnace repair in and around Citrus Heights, CA!

Common Furnace Issues

Furnaces are complex machines, so there are several points at which something can go wrong. Below are some of the most common furnace problems we encounter in Citrus Heights. 

No Heat

If your furnace can only produce lukewarm air or can’t produce heat at all, the problem is most likely your gas burner unit or electric heating element. Additionally, no heat could be due to low airflow from clogged ductwork and filters. 

Bad Smell

Clogged filters can attract moisture, which facilitates mold and algae growth, both of which can cause bad smells. Bad smells around your furnace could also signal a problem with your gas lines, so be cautious.

Loud Noises

Loose parts of your furnace can vibrate and scrape against one another, causing loud grinding noises. This damages your furnace’s components, so contact a repair expert as soon as possible. 

Random Shutdowns

Various issues can cause your furnace to randomly shut down during operation, including overheating and faulty flame sensors. 

  • Overheating can trip auto shutoff mechanisms.
  • A faulty flame sensor can shut off gas lines even when the flame is present. 

Short Cycling

Your furnace should cycle about two to three times per hour or about once every 20 minutes or so. If your furnace shuts off well before that, the problem is likely the thermostat calibration or a damaged blower motor. 

Emergency Furnace Repair in Citrus Heights

Handy Heating and Air specializes in working on most heating systems, including gas, electric, and boiler heating systems. 

  • Gas furnaces create heat by burning natural gas. They are common, low-cost, and relatively low-maintenance. 
  • Electric furnaces use a ceramic heating element to heat air. They are cheaper to install than gas furnaces but more expensive to run. 
  • Boilers use boiling water, creating heat from steam. The system pipes this steam to radiators throughout your property. 

No matter the specifics of your system, we can chart out a plan to diagnose and repair any furnace problems. 

Furnace Replacement in Citrus Heights

In addition to being the leading company for furnace repair in Citrus Heights, we also offer professional furnace replacement services. We work with top brands and can find you an energy-efficient replacement option that meets your needs and saves you money. 

If your furnace is more than ten years old, you should consider buying a replacement. We also recommend looking into replacement if repairing furnace damage would cost more than 50% of the cost of replacement.  

Why Handy Heating and Air is the Right Choice for the Furnace Job

How can you be sure that our service will provide quality work and never try to undercut you as one of our customers? Handy Heating and Air holds integrity as its highest value. 

All of our technicians are licensed and insured and receive on-the-job training. Our technicians strive to provide quality Citrus Heights heating system repairs with a professional demeanor. We also offer transparent and competitive pricing and won’t charge hidden fees.

Winning your trust is our aim, so we also won’t perform work until we sign it off with you. Plus, if you need help paying for your service or new equipment, we offer financing options to help manage the costs. Most importantly, our goal is to create a stress-free experience for you, and we will maintain open lines of communication with you every step of the repair process. 

Affordable Furnace Solutions in Citrus Heights, CA

Professional heating repairs in Citrus Heights are just a phone call away. Locally owned and operated, Handy Heating and Air has been providing Citrus Heights furnace services for over a decade. Our dedication to quality craftsmanship and customer service is why we are the most trusted repair company in Citrus Heights and Sacramento. 

Contact Handy Heating and Air online or give us a call today to schedule furnace repair in Citrus Heights, California!

Frequently Asked Questions About Citrus Heights Furnace Repair

If you have questions about our furnace repair services, we are here to help. Below are common questions we receive about HVAC repair in Citrus Heights. 

How Often Should I Schedule Furnace Maintenance?

You should schedule furnace maintenance at least once every 12 months. For the best outcomes, we recommend scheduling professional maintenance every six months instead.  

What Is the Most Common Furnace Repair Issue?

One of the most common furnace repair issues we encounter is low airflow and overheating. Most of the time, restricted airflow is a result of blocked ducts or clogged filters. Restricting airflow raises temperatures as your system can’t vent properly. 

When Is the Best Time to Schedule Furnace Repairs and Maintenance?

The best time to schedule furnace repairs and maintenance is during the late summer or early fall. That way, your heating system will be in optimal condition for the winter, and you can take advantage of lower service demand during the warmer parts of the year. 

Can I Perform DIY Furnace Maintenance?

Yes, you can perform some DIY furnace maintenance, such as changing furnace filters or inspecting your ductwork and vents. However, you should leave more complex maintenance tasks like electrical inspections to the professionals for safe furnace repair in Citrus Heights and the surrounding areas.