Air conditioning replacement in Elk Grove is not just an important service to be aware of in the California summer months, but year round. A properly-functioning air conditioner can impact the indoor air quality of your home and, subsequently, the health and livelihood of your family.

When you work with Handy Heating and Air’s HVAC services, you’re getting the best that Elk Grove has to offer!

When To Get AC Repair Services VS AC Replacement

Schedule an appointment with a service technician today to assess the complexity of the issue. Whether there’s a leak that can be fixed or a filter that can be changed, or if you need a new air conditioner entirely, we have the knowledge to have your back.

Misconceptions About Your Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

No job is too big or too small — but if it’s a little bigger, we’ll probably want to consider a new unit installation rather than just a repair. You’ll have the opportunity to save money on your bills when you’re not forced to run your AC 24/7.

Other Air Conditioning Services In Elk Grove, CA

Elk Grove furnace and air conditioning services.

HVAC Maintenance

We can give your air conditioners a tune up, repair or replace your furnace, and more. Addressing these issues in a timely manner can prevent the need to replace your entire system. Our professional technicians are more than happy to help if you give us a call!

We service the surrounding areas as well, so don’t worry if you’re not in Elk Grove proper!