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When you face an air conditioning breakdown, you need a professional who can work quickly and efficiently. Fortunately, Handy Heating and Air is here to assist with over a decade of being a leading provider of AC repair in Roseville, California. We are your local cooling experts and ready to serve at a moment’s notice. 

Are you in the South Sacramento area or the surrounding communities? As a locally owned and operated HVAC company, we understand the unique needs of our neighbors and challenge ourselves to go above and beyond. Integrity is one of our core values, and it shows in every project our talented professionals take on in the Roseville community.

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Common Air Conditioning Repair Issues in Roseville

Cooling system problems can be annoying, but we have seen our fair share of them and know how to fix each one. Below are some of the most common AC repair issues we encounter on the job and how we tackle them.

No Airflow

A lack of airflow is usually a sign that there is some kind of blockage in either your ductwork or air conditioning filter. Blockages increase interior duct pressure and put unnecessary strain on your system, so you need to remove the obstruction as soon as possible. 

Low or non-existent air flow can also be a result of a faulty fan or blower motor, which we’ll need to replace for you.

Water Leaks

The typical air conditioner will produce some condensation during normal operation, but it should not be enough to cause water spots on the floor. If your unit is leaking water, it’s most likely coming from frost on the coils or a blocked drain line. 

Cleaning coils removes the frost. Our professionals can also flush drain lines to remove any blockages. 

Bad Smells

All the dirt and dust in your unit’s filter attract moisture that can produce mold and algae under the right conditions. Organic growth produces a bad smell from your system’s vents and poses a health hazard. 

If the filter is responsible, changing it should lessen the smell. If the mold or algae is inside your ducts, you’ll need duct cleaning services as soon as possible to curb the spread.

No Cold Air

Another common reason for AC repair in Roseville is a unit’s total lack of cold air. In this case, the most likely culprit is frozen or clogged coils. 

Dust and dirt on evaporator and condenser coils pick up moisture that freezes, creating frost. The frost stops heat transfer from working properly, so the system can’t push out cold air. We’ll clean your air conditioner’s coils as a straightforward solution. 

Frequent Cycling

When operating normally, your air conditioner should cycle between two and three times per hour. A cycle is one complete on-off change. 

If your air conditioner is cycling more (or less) frequently than normal, the compressor might need replacement. 

Loud Noises

Age and use can cause some parts of your system to come loose, such as fans or ducts. Any loose or broken parts can cause loud grinding or scraping noises when you turn on your HVAC system. 

Depending on the source of the sound, we might be able to repair the part. However, severe damage will necessitate a replacement.

Professional Roseville AC Unit Maintenance

Maintenance is key to keeping your air conditioner in good condition. Routine AC maintenance services will protect your system, extending its lifespan. 

For example, typical maintenance tasks professionals like Handy Heating and Air perform might include the following:

  • Changing air filters
  • Inspecting drain lines
  • Cleaning vents and covers
  • Coil cleaning
  • Cleaning external components
  • Testing electrical components
  • Thermostat calibration
  • Duct inspection

Our maintenance services can keep your HVAC system working in the best condition for the long haul so you can get the most out of your investment. 

Why Choose Handy Heating and Air for HVAC Repair Services in Roseville?

We have a long and storied history of serving our community. Below are just a few of the reasons Sacramento homeowners prefer us for professional cooling system repair in Roseville. 

Professional Technicians

All of our technicians hold all relevant licenses and on-the-job training. We’ve helped hundreds of property owners and work hard to exceed their expectations. We also work as fast as possible on your climate control issues without compromising on the quality of our work. 

Affordable Services

We believe that homeowners shouldn’t break the bank to get timely and efficient emergency AC repair in Roseville. Our competitive pricing is upfront and transparent, with no hidden fees or charges. When you get a quote, we will stick to that price and include a wide range of financing options with our partner, Synchrony, for larger HVAC expenses. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

Above all, our dedication to customer service distinguishes us from the rest, whether we are performing air conditioning repairs, fence repairs, property maintenance, or drain cleaning. We take the time to address your unique needs and concerns, answer questions, and provide you with peace of mind that your cooling is in the hands of an expert. 

Affordable AC Repair Solutions in Roseville, CA

If you have an air conditioning problem, don’t wait to get professional cooling system repairs in Roseville, CA. The longer you wait, the more you risk serious HVAC damage, and the longer any repairs will take. When a cooling emergency strikes, put Handy Heating and Air on your speed dial for quality craftsmanship and guaranteed satisfaction. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Roseville AC Repair

No doubt, homeowners have a lot of questions about air conditioning repair. Here, we’ve compiled a few answers to some of the most common inquiries we receive. 

When Should I Get AC Repair?

We recommend that you get AC repair and maintenance at least once every 12 months. Six-monthly visits will certainly maximize the lifespan of your system.

What’s the Most Common AC Repair Issue?

The most common AC repair issue is one or two options: a clogged filter or a failing blower motor. In both cases, the result is a lack of airflow and additional stress on your HVAC system. 

Can I Perform AC Maintenance Myself?

Yes, you can perform some parts of AC maintenance yourself. In fact, homeowner preventative maintenance like changing filters and inspecting your ductwork is a key part of owning and maintaining your HVAC system. 

When Should I Replace My AC Unit?

You should consider replacing your AC unit if it is more than ten years old or if it needs frequent repairs. However, if the cost of AC repair in Roseville is hitting half the cost of replacement, we may recommend installing a new air conditioner. It’ll save you money in the future.