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As a leading choice for AC repair in Citrus Heights, Handy Heating and Air has seen time and again that hardly anybody escapes air conditioning trouble during the unit’s full service life. Most people would love to learn a hack to eradicate HVAC problems, but there’s only one: don’t delay in getting professional help!

Why allow unexpected air conditioning problems to affect your comfort? A licensed and experienced HVAC technician can get things back to normal without causing any further damage. For example, Handy Heating and Air’s services include excellent options for AC repair in Citrus Heights and the surrounding areas in California. 

We deliver prompt, effective, and professional repair services for homeowners and businesses, whatever the make and model of air conditioner. Call to schedule an appointment for HVAC repair services in Citrus Heights and anything else your cooling and heating system needs!

Signs You Need Our Competent Citrus Heights Air Conditioning Repair Services

Calling an air conditioning repair technician is helpful when things stop working. However, frantically searching for “emergency AC Repair Citrus Heights” in hopes of a speedy resolution isn’t as easy as preventing those issues in the first place. Many air conditioners give you some warning before they pack up, including the following signs:

Higher-Than-Normal Energy Bills

Have your energy bills risen exponentially over the last while without any plausible explanation? 

Air conditioning units use more energy when they overcompensate for underlying problems. The result is a sharp uptick in your energy bills. Your unit needs professional repairs.

Strange Smells During the Air Conditioner’s Operation

Does your air conditioner give off an unsettling smell while it runs? If it isn’t something dead inside the vents, it’s the unit itself.

Common causes of odors that float in while the air conditioner operates include the following:


    • Clogs in condensate lines

    • Mold growth

    • Dirty filters

    • Shorting electrical components

Whatever the problem, our experienced air conditioning repair team can fix it.

Reduction in Cooling Power

Do you find yourself setting the thermostat lower every few days? If your air conditioner suddenly can’t keep your home cool enough, schedule an air conditioning repair service.  

Reduced cooling power stems from several issues, any of which could damage your air conditioner irreparably if you keep using it. Call our Citrus Heights team as soon as possible.

Water Pooling Around the Air Conditioner

Have you found water dripping from your air conditioner or pooling beneath the unit? 

You might have clogs in the drip pan or drain line, or frozen condenser coils. Both cases demand immediate attention from our qualified HVAC technicians.

Shorter Cooling Cycles

Have you started to notice your air conditioner cycling on and off frequently? It’s one of the clearest signs of a cooling system in distress. Unfortunately, a system that’s working too hard will also be using a lot more energy, so you can expect your bills to increase and your unit to need replacement sooner.

Shorter cycles may signify overheating, refrigerant leaks, or other disruptions within the system, so don’t wait to contact our team here at Handy Heating and Air. As the top choice for AC repair in Citrus Heights, CA, these issues are our bread and butter, and we’ll get your air conditioning unit working optimally again in no time.

We Make Light Work of Common Air Conditioning Issues

At Handy Heating and Air, we treat all air conditioning problems as serious because even minor issues can turn into major (and expensive!) issues without prompt attention. 

After you call us, we’ll come to your property as soon as possible to assess your system and decipher the best way to get it working optimally again. Our combination of expertise and cutting-edge technology means that no air conditioning problems can outsmart us. Plus, once we figure out the cause of the breakdown, we’ll provide all the information you need on repair options and costs. 

As a contractor to depend on for affordable AC repair solutions in Citrus Heights, CA, you can expect competitive rates from us. If you’re ready to go, we’ll get to work. A healthy stock of repair parts ensures we can complete most repairs without going back and forth, so it’s always a hassle-free experience.

Join countless property owners in Citrus Heights and count on us to fix the following and more:


    • Refrigerant leaks

    • Blower motor issues

    • Damaged compressors

    • Failing relays

Get Fast and Efficient AC Repair Services Today

Whether you need Citrus Heights AC unit maintenance or repair experts, you can say goodbye to unreliable air conditioning when you hire Handy Heating and Air. We offer speedy responses, personalized service, and transparent pricing.

Call Handy Heating and Air today for AC repair in Citrus Heights, CA, and the surrounding areas!

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Conditioning Repair

Here are some common air conditioning repair questions we hear from our customers in California.

How Long Will Air Conditioning Repairs Take?

The time it takes for air conditioning repairs depends on the problem. However, as the premier choice for professional cooling system repairs in Citrus Heights, Handy Heating and Air can fix most common air conditioning issues that require a minor part replacement within an hour.

How Much Does AC Repair Cost in Citrus Heights?

The cost of AC repair in Citrus Heights depends on the issues affecting your air conditioner. We’ll always provide a free estimate for your approval before we start the job.

How Long Will My Air Conditioner Last?

Most air conditioners last around 10 to 15 years. It depends on several factors, including your commitment to regular maintenance and how long you wait to schedule AC repair in Citrus Heights when things go wrong.

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