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TV is an essential component of every household, even today in the era of technical progress when new devices appear on the market daily. If you’ve just purchased a new TV set but having a hard time mounting it, you’ve come to the right place! Joseph The Handyman LLC offers a professional TV mounting service for Elk Grove & South Sacramento residents.

Our team consists of professionals that know all the best practices of TV installation. What’s more, we have extensive experience working on TVs of various kinds, therefore mounting your new TV won’t be a problem for us.

Reach out to Joseph The Handyman LLC for quick, affordable, and effortless TV installation in Elk Grove & South Sacramento!

Why Is Proper TV Wall Mount Installation Important?

When it comes to the TV wall mount installation, many think that there’s no need for professional assistance. After all, what’s the worst that can happen? Well, in our experience, DIY TV mounting rarely ever works because without proper equipment and knowledge, you’ll likely make mistakes.

There’s no doubt that correcting the improper installation is much more costly and time-consuming than hiring a professional from the beginning. Plus, there’s a chance that you may damage your new TV or the interior in the process!

TV Mounting Service

Here’s a list of TV installation mistakes to be aware of:

  • Wrong setting/wall that can’t hold the mount properly – Choosing a perfect spot for your TV mount is crucial as you can’t install it just anywhere. You may picture your brand new flat-screen TV hanging beautifully in your living room, but the wall may not be supportive enough to ensure safe installation. You can’t expect your old drywall to hold the weight of a TV!
  • Crooked mount/screen – Another common mistake of setting up your TV against the wall is faulty leveling. Without extreme attention to detail and proper equipment, you may be left with a slightly crooked screen that will bug you anytime you try to watch television.
  • Faulty wiring – Whether you take on home cinema installation or setting up a regular flat-screen TV, expect there to be a lot of cords and wires. Even if you manage to find your way through the tangled wires, you may find it difficult to organize them in a way that won’t ruin your interior.
  • Insecure mounting – Even if you pick a perfect spot for hanging your TV, make sense of wiring, and level flawlessly, you may still make the most crucial mistake – not secure the mount or a television properly. This means that at one point or another, your TV can fall off the wall, in which case you’ll be facing significant property damage.

Sounds dreadful, right? If you are not 100% certain that you can install your TV in a way that prevents these inconveniences, we strongly recommend you to get a professional TV mounting service.

Joseph The Handyman LLC’s Elk Grove & South Sacramento TV mounting will be a guarantee of your peace of mind! With us on the job, you won’t have to worry about faulty installation. We’ll take care of every little detail and triple-check the results before leaving your premises to ensure that your TV mounting won’t cause you any problems.

Home Cinema Installation

Do you want to create a cinematic experience in the comfort of your home? Then home cinema installation is the way to go. If you already purchased a TV set and need a hand to ensure proper setup, Joseph The Handyman LLC is here to help!

Our TV mounting and installation experts will arrive at your premises with all the necessary equipment and assist you at every step of the process. We will help you pick the perfect setting for your home cinema and ensure impeccable installation.

Local Elk Grove & South Sacramento TV Mounting Experts

Now let’s talk a little about Joseph The Handyman LLC because it is essential to know that you choose the best TV mounting service in the Elk Grove & South Sacramento area! What makes our assistance stand out from the crowd? Quite a few things, actually:

Proven Skills & Experience

When it comes to choosing the company for your TV installation, you need to be absolutely sure that you’re relying on true professionals. Joseph The Handyman LLC takes pride in being one of the most experienced professionals in the industry. We have extensive expertise working with Elk Grove & South Sacramento locals and managed to acquire their trust.

Customized Approach

Joseph The Handyman LLC has all it takes to work on various TV models and sizes. Our technicians tailor the service to you, considering your unique needs. What’s more, we always take time to get familiar with your expectations and inspect the setting thoroughly to ensure that we can provide the best results possible.

Fair Rates

One of the things that our customers love about our TV mounting service is the down-to-earth prices we offer. We believe that everyone should afford high-quality assistance, and we do our best to provide Elk Grove & South Sacramento residents with it. Joseph The Handyman LLC keeps its prices fair and transparent. With us on the job, you won’t have to worry about going over budget or compromising the quality.

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