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Our team of handymen offers excellent plumbing services. A small leak might not seem like a problem initially, but over time, more significant issues will arise. Contact us so one of our handymen can solve your plumbing problem quickly and affordably. 

Can plumbing problems be serious? 

Minor, undetected water leaks cause more damage to homes than any other problem. In addition to mold and mildew, over time, water leaks lead to structural damage. Kitchens and bathrooms are heavy compared to other rooms. So when joists get wet, they eventually begin to sag under the heavy load. By the time cracks in walls and gaps in floors start to show up, very costly major structural repairs may be necessary. 

Another thing to consider is the fact that termites tear through wet and moist wood far faster than dry wood. There is no need for the termites to travel underground for water. They can stay busy 24/7, doing terrible damage to your home. Because termites work from the inside out, major structural damage can occur before becoming evident to the homeowner. 

Why us? 

Our experts are trained to spot leaks before they become a problem. For instance, in older homes with copper or galvanized pipe drains, mineral deposits form at the site of little leaks. Those deposits indicate the wall thickness of the pipe is beyond its useful lifespan and should be replaced before more costly issues occur. 

Even homes with modern PVC drains suffer from settling. The glued joints cannot handle the physical stress and eventually fail. Again, there are telltale signs our experts are trained to spot. Discoloration at the joints is a clear indication of a problem. 

It may not always be possible to see the problem directly, but other signs also indicate an issue. Damp cabinets, bulging seams, and discolored or cracked finishes in the bottom of cabinets are other warning signs our team is trained to spot. The source of the leak is not always obvious. For instance, bathroom sink stopper levers sometimes become loose over time but only leak when a large volume of water is drained. Occasionally, the fix is as simple as tightening the fitting. 

Plumbing fixtures, such as faucets and shower valves also require regular maintenance or replacement to prevent leaks. Faucets and shower valves have replaceable parts. Replacing worn parts is less expensive than replacing the entire faucet or shower valve, and it also allows the homeowner to retain matching fixtures. Replacing those parts often requires special wrenches not typically found in the typical homeowner’s toolbox. Our teams have every plumbing tool needed to complete even the most extensive repair and remodel. 

Replacement parts in older fixtures are not always available at the big box stores and require a trip to a commercial plumbing supply house. Our plumbers have worked on so many fixtures that they often recognize the brand and know just where to go to get the needed parts. We salute homeowners who do maintenance on their own homes. However, there is nothing worse than making a trip to a supply store, thinking you got the right part only to find, once everything has been taken apart, you were wrong. We make our living by doing the repair right the first time.

Replacing worn parts and fixtures is only part of the job. Securing escutcheon plates and sealing with the proper caulk ensures water will go as directed and not find its way inside of walls. We have seen many shoddy jobs where the old fixture was replaced, but the job was ruined by using inappropriate caulk. Cheap painter’s caulk has no place in a professional plumbing job. Some people do not know the difference or try to save a few dollars at the long-term expense of the homeowner. 

For peace of mind, please consider having our team complete a comprehensive of your entire supply and drain system. You’re also welcome to reach out for any other plumbing needs. 

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